Bon & Jay im Zoo (13.10.2017)

In the mid-`70s, Chicago was still America`s second largest city. Yet after the financial collapse of a number of independent soul labels a few years earlier, its recording industry was virtually non-existent, and its club scene was heavily segregated. Into this vacuum stepped Robert Williams, a promoter whose parties brought together straight and gay youths of all races. His club, The Warehouse, closed before the first Chicago dance tracks were recorded by artists like Jamie Principle, Jesse Saunders, J.M. Silk, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, and Chip E., but it set the stage for house music, popularizing after-hours clubbing and DJ edits in Chicago and launching the career of Frankie Knuckles. (RA)

Today Cologne is Germanys fourth biggest city. Not even 10 years ago Germany`s financial system collapsed together with most financial systems worldwide. Today Cologne hosts more than 100 Labels and more than 200 Locations dedicated to electronic music. 20 years ago electronic music from Cologne known as the “Sound of Cologne” changed forever the way how Techno was defined an perceived worldwide.

Why are we telling you that? We don`t know. But what we know is that we love House Music and that we will play House Music and that we will play House Music all night long. You see, house is a feeling that no one can understand really unless you`re deep into the vibe of house. And we will play House Music in Cologne at Zoo Schänke Ehrenfeld Venloer Straße on 13/10/2017 starting 9 PM. Come and join us!

Bon & Jay im Zoo – House Music all night long!